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Terms and Conditions


  • Kimbers reserve the right to change there terms and conditions at any point, it is our customers responsibilty to read in detail the terms and conditions during every purchase made with the company, any order placed is an acceptance of these terms and conditions
  • All information you provide on this website must be accurate and complete to your full knowledge. For example any login names and passwrods used for Kimbers site.These details may be withdrawn at any given time at our sole discretion. If at any time as a consumer you feel your password or account information have been misused you must inform us immediately
  • All carpets are subject to flattening and shading through normal wear and tear.
  • When you recieve a flooring from Kimbers please inspect for any damage, check it is the correct product you have ordered (colour/size/pattern/backing/quality) Once the item has been cut or fitted, it is no longer Kimbers property and we cannot be liable for any fitting, replacement or exchange costs our consumers may incurr.  


  • All stated carpet widths allow for variation of +/- 1.25 %. We regret we cannot accept any responsibility should customers own measurements provided be incorrect. Any size input into the size calculator will be cut from our warehouse immediately, once a carpet has been cut it is no longer Kimbers property and all payments will be taken in full

Colour and Shading

  • Any Flooring sample can only be used as a colour guide as colours may vary from batch to batch
  • All carpets with a pile may develop light and dark patches caused by uneven pressure on the pile in the wear. This cannot be prevented however well a carpet is made. The term used for this is pile reversal and no carpets on this site are guaranteed against it. 
  • Carpets and vinyls that are off different rolls we cannot guarantee an exact colour match between rolls, the acceptable tolerance is set by the manufacturer and all products that leave the factory are within that tolerance.
  • All carpets particularly plains are liable to shading it is the nature of the product. In areas where carpets are exposed to large windows or any extended period of time exposed to sun light shading and fading will occur. 
  • Heavy thoroughfare's are going to flatten and change the shape of the pile on all carpets, any manufacturing guarantee doesn't cover this as it's purely due to daily wear and tear. Carpets may look slightly different shades in these areas due to the crushing of the pile. 


  • All fitting work is guaranteed for up to 12 months from the date of installation.
  • All fitters will do there upmost to prevent any damage to the decorative works of any of our installations. Due to the nature of the product Kimbers can not except any liabilty should any decorative damge be caused, it will be up to the customer to repair and by accepting our quotation they accept our fitting terms. 
  • Full Payment is due on completion of the installation.
  • Kimbers offer a furniture removal service, however any furniture left in the way of the floor layer is at the customers own risk and should it be damaged Kimbers will not accept any liability or consider any claims for damged furniture. Kimbers strongly advise all areas that require flooring are clear of any furniture for customers peace of mind and a better quality installation

Manufacturer gurantees

  • All goods are subject to the manufacturers own guarantee.
  • Kimbers do not manufacture any of therer own products, therefore all guarantees mentioned on our site are to be dealt with directly with the manufacturer and Kimbers do not hold any liability if these guarantees are not honoured.
  • Once a product purchased from Kimbers has been cut it cannot be returned and no refund will be given.
  • All flooring products must be maintained in accordance with manufacturers recommended instructions.


  • Delivery is only applicable within 30 miles radius of the main office address of : Unit 1a, Wilverley Road, Christchurch, BH23 3RU
  • Kimbers delivery service is only to ground floor locations, access permitting and is a one man curb side delivery. If you wish for goods to be taken inside any properties it is at the drivers discretion and Kimbers will not be held responsible for any damage caused if goods are to be taken inside properties at the consumers request.
  • Someone will be expected to be available to receive all deliveries and capable of helping the driver. Should this not be the case delivery will be refused and there will be a re-delivery charge.
  • All goods recieved must be signed for by an adult aged 18 years old or over upon delivery, once the goods have been signed for that is an acceptance that everything is correct, before signing customers must inspect all goods they have ordered and then sign to confirm they are correct.
  • Delivery timescales are only estimated, Kimbers will make every effort to stick to these timescales and pride ourselves on our ability to do so. However due to a proportion of inevitable unforeseen circumstances that can affect these, our estimated timescales may not always be achieved.
  • Deliveries aim to be fulfilled within 3-5 working days from when the order is placed
  • Whilst every effort will be made to fulfill our delivery timescales and our customers expectations this service cannot be gauaranteed. Compensation cannot be offered because of a late or early deliver. Outside factors will always come into play when carrying out this nature of service and these are impossible to plan for and predict. All information provided regarding delivery timescales and dates are given in good faith to the best of our knowledge. 
  • The risk of loss or any damages to your order passes over to the consumer once the product has been delivered or once an attempt has been made to deliver the product
  • As stated our delivery service only runs as a kerbside delivery. Some of our drivers will be happy to take items to your door or occasionally into your property if you wish, however as a company we can not be held liable for any damage that occurs to your property inside or out because of this as our contract is purely for a kurbside delivery, anything outside of that is out of our control.

Payment for online orders

  •  Payment will be taken at the time the order is placed through our website.If for any reason we will not be able to fulfill your order a full refund will be made to your account. If you are paying through paypal, additional terms and conditions can be found on there website
  • All prices shown on Kimbers website are inclusive of VAT 
  • The sizes put into the size calculator work out the final price to pay. If the wrong sizes are put into the size calculator and the amount is paid, Kimbers will not issue any refunds.
  • The ownership of any items your purchase from Kimbers will pass to you as soon as the items are delivered to the specified address and signed for.


  • Once items have been ordered and cut from Kimbers they can not be returned. All carpets are quality checked before they leave the premises. If a fault is discovered this must be reported on delivery and the items rejected. The customer will not be charged for this and should the item prove faulty a replacement issued or a full refund if stock is no longer available. If an item is signed for, that confirms the consumer has checked the item and is happy with it, after this point it is the consumers property and no longer Kimbers.
  • Should an item ordered be out of stock and the payment has still gone through, Kimbers will offer a substituition in the form of an equal or upgraded option. If this is not satisfactory the consumer has the right to a full refund. At Kimbers we will do our upmost to avaid this scenario, however in the unlikely event this happens we will accomodate the consumers choice, whichever they select.
  • Pile reversal is an unfortunate problem that can not be prevented no matter how well a carpet has been made, because of this carpets can not be returned in the unlikely event of pile reversal occuring. 
  • Pole marks will come out of carpets that are hoovered regularly in 4-6 weeks, after this period Kimbers will arrange for a manufacturer inspection, up until then the carpet needs to be given time to bed in so no investigation will be taken up until that time has passed 

Miscellaneous Provisions

  • All products on this website are suitable for domestic usage only unless clearly stated otherwise. If a product selected from our site is intended to be used for business purposes please make sure you are covered by the appropriate insurance